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  We lead, others follow!


It is encouraging to see other Motoring Schools following our foot steps... Maybe someday Driving Instruction in Malta will get the boost it needs - Maltese learner drivers deserve to get value for money: another commitment by ROADCRAFT DRIVING SCHOOL  

Join our website so you will have access to our Members Area. In this page there is many information that you SHOULD know before starting your lessons. You will also know which documents you need, what you need to do, where you need to go and more! We also reveal what to expect on Test Day and what you should NOT do! As fully qualified and experienced driving instructors, Marion, Doris and Dorianne, we have set up Roadcraft Driving School to reach our goal, and help Maltese youngsters in learning;

The Art of Driving and Staying Alive! 



The number of car crashes on our roads is worrying. It is sad to loose a person at the wheel. Hence we teamed up, studied and followed intensive training in Roadcraft. Lane’s Complete Dictionary of Automotive Terms defines Roadcraft as;  

The art of driving to a high standard, demanding skill,  observation and concentration, as a way of approaching and negotiating hazards which is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance. However we have included fun and professional service in the recipe!


We also guide licensed drivers to acquire road confidence, practice parking maneuvers and improve their driving standards. Overcome your fear of driving NOW! Call Doris on 99309339 or Marion 99339309 and start enjoying your new life!  We can also teach in your own car so you get expert guidance on features and controls in your own car. 

Roadcraft Driving School strives to offer the best service on the island. The feedback we receive from our students is over-whelming and very encouraging. Our lessons are based to learn driving for life and not just to pass the test. We boast of an excellent first time pass rate although it is not our primary aim. We wish to see you on the road for a very very long time. Our logo expresses this wish showing people of all ages who grow old and not perish due to a traffic crash!  


Our effort is to teach you how to handle your car in EVERY situation. It is very simple and everyone can reach the Roadcraft Level of Driving. 

 We use the comfortable Toyota Vitz, with manual and automatic transmissions, which are fully equipped with Dual Controls, Airbags and Anti-Lock Braking Systems for your safety. Air condition and Power Steering are installed for your comfort. This keeps you alert and fresh. These cars are very maneuverable and easy to park. All test maneuvers can be  carried out without effort.

During your lessons we will regularly use an In-Car DVD System and other visual aids to help you understand better and faster. Our in-house produced DVDs will show you driving scenarios before we practice them for real!

This gives you time to ask questions and understand our explanation when sitting comfortably in the car and not whilst driving.






Our teaching method will get you through the syllabus in no time and you will be able to sit for the driving test very quickly compared to other schools.We have fully comprehensive insurance, meaning that our cars are exclusively insured for driving lessons and test purposes. If something goes wrong all expenses are covered by our insurance company. An additional free benefit when using choosing Roadcraft. Others charge extra for it. 





We offer door-to-door collection and drop-off from any location in Malta, at no extra cost. During our first meeting you will be given your permit application. It is very important that this application is returned on your second meeting as no on-the-road driving is allowed without the official learner’s permit. A sample of this application is available in our Driving Test Page. 

We shall never change your car or instructor on test day. Seems obvious but some competitors do and is unfair. Many students joined Roadcraft claim that they previously failed the test because a different person or car showed up on their test. You will use the same car throughout and you will always be guided by the same instructor! Roadcraft Driving School is Approved by Transport Malta. Please avail yourself from our Roadcraft Forum if you have any questions or if you need any details related to the driving test or syllabus. We also appreciate if you leave your comments, appreciations or suggestions about our service.




 Passing the Test & The Roadcraft Certificate 


Besides the Official Driving License, we will present you with the Exclusive Roadcraft Driving School Award, certifying your level of competence.

Insurance and Financial Help 


We offer all insurance services. Just call us and we'll take care of the rest! No headaches, no messy paperwork. Our leading insurance supplier has very competitive rates and we guarantee we will not let you down! Car, Travel, Property Insurance? Don't look any further.

Call us now on 99309339 or 99339309 or 99309000       

Do you need Financial help? Who doesn't!


Our exclusive Bank Customer Service Agent helped several of our students to obtain credit card and cheque book facilities. Bank loans in order to purchase their first cars are also available. Another free service from Roadcraft to make your life simple...!




We strive to be punctual so we appreciate a short call or an SMS if you need to cancel or postpone your lesson. When possible, a 24hour notice would be much appreciated. Fee still payable for no shows.

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Our email

 Contact Numbers:

Doris: 99309339

Marion: 99339309  

Dorianne: 99309000



Saint Christopher - Patron Saint of Drivers and Motorists - Protect Us.


Driver's Prayer

Grant me a steady hand and a watchful eye,

that no man shall be hurt when I pass by.


Teach me to use my car for others' need,

Nor miss through love of speed.


The beauty of Thy world; that thus I may,

With joy and courtesy go my way.


My Guardian Angel watch over me.

St Christopher, pray for me.








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